'The TenKei Total Profit Target'

Welcome to the TenKei Total Profit Target program, where this program is suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced Traders.

We suggest Beginners use and follow the Recommended Settings, where Intermediate and Experienced Traders are also advised to us the Recommended Settings, however this course contains detailed documentation that shows the underlying logic behind the TenKei TPT software, where you can go as deep into the program as you wish.

On the journey to building, designing and creating the TenKei Total Profit Target, we started creating e-Books, hosted websites, had online chat rooms and created Blogs.

Now we are here, to think back to the days of the e-Books, we felt there was no way we could have created the TenKei TPT back then because we had to go through a lot of pain, hardship, disappointment and heartache...

...which got us where we are today, which, is here!

It seems there really is no gain without pain but let's call it one of life's many experiences, shall we?

But on the road of discovery and what with what is going on in the world re: COVID-19 (at the time of writing) amongst all of the other things that are always going on in the world to which we are often totally unaware of...

...we had this thought or this Prayer:

If the TenKei Total Profit Target works out for you, you would automatically end up earning enough to pay the monthly fee.

This means, you would now be in (a form of) employment!

Just imagine what sort of world this could become if you and the rest of the world could generate an income, working from home?

Actually, some or many of you are already working from home but what about those of you who have to go out to work because the business you are in, is people facing?

And what about those of you who have lost your job, your source of income?

What about those of you who, as the world said: "Will Have To Re-Invent Yourself"?


...we Pray this program will give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to be your own boss, your own person and the real you!!!

We want this to work for you and it hurts us if it does not as we have put our all into it, it has been a long painful process in developing the TenKei Total Profit Target but it's been nice and steady for some time now and it's not for us to belittle you through showing you what we have done – but we want you to show us – what you have done, where we would like to hear of your...

,,,where all you have to do is follow the recommended steps and once you understand how it works (as we have provided detailed documentation that shows the underlying logic behind the TenKei ATM​ software) you will become your own person.

We trust...

..we Hope & Pray you really get something out of this and primarily, we Hope & Pray you find Freedom, your own Freedom through and in the TenKei Total Profit Target.


So, let us do the work...

...because - we already have!

And In ending we'll leave you with a quote from Georg Christoph Lichtenberg who was a German physicist, satirist, and Anglophile:

We thank you for your interest in the TenKei Total Profit Target.

GOD Bless You!

The TenKei Trading Team

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