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The TenKei Automated Trading Machine...

...Will Do All The Buying And Selling For You,

On Your Behalf!


Simply Follow The Modules Through As Seen Below:

1. Open An MetaTrader 4 Account - We Use FXCM

2. How To Set Up Your Charts In MT4 - MetaTrader 4

3. Setting Up Multiple MT4 Applications In One Platform - This Module Is Optional

4. How To Load The TenKei ATM Expert Advisor

5. A Quick Guide In How To Download The DLL & EX4 Files

6. The TenKei ATM - Recommended Settings

7. The TenKei ATM Continuation SET Files

8. The TenKei ATM Scalping SET Files - For Experienced MT4 Users

9. The TenKei 7.0 & Total Profit Target EA Description - For Experienced MT4 Users

10. Mandatory Trading Tools Websites

11. How To Use A Virtual Private Server (VPS) - This Module Is Optional

12. The TenKei Trading Tools For Trading Success - This Module Is Optional

13. Forex Market Hours - This Module Is Optional

Complete and Continue