The Meaning Behind The Word TenKei

The TenKei Meaning

天 恵 : These are Japanese characters.

They are pronounced 'Ten' 天 - 'Kei' or 'Kay' 恵 (Japanese pronunciations)

 means: Heavens, Imperial, Sky

 means: Benefit, Blessing, Favour, Goodness, Grace, Kindness, Mercy

天恵 means: Heaven's Blessing, Gift Of Nature

That is why I use the name 'TenKei.'

So, in full, the name is simply 'TenKei' and when it’s translated into English, it means 'Heaven's Blessing' or 'The Gift Of Nature’.

This is the way I have put it all together:

TenKei' - 'Heaven's Blessing'

Q: What Is Heaven’s Blessing?

A: Truth & Life

'TenKei' - 'The Gift Of Nature’

Q: What Is The True ‘Gift Of Nature’?

A: Life, Breath

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