80.144% TAX FREE Increase In 37 Working Days!

Dear Super Trader,

I write 'Super-Trader' as I would only expect you to be reading this post if your goal is to be one... but in my school of thought, you are meant to say you are who you intend to be, therefore, if you wish to be a Super-Trader, you already are!

We are on a journey to freedom and what you'll see below is a screenshot of earnings, which is something you could do too!

Meaning I could teach you, if you wish:

In order to achieve the above, with very little effort and downturns, I have found an Indicator on the Tradefair platform to help confirm what I had already been seeing on the charts with an indicator I had devised for myself, some years ago.

But now, with this added Tradefair indicator, it will help you see my indicator setups far clearer and once you get good at seeing what I have to offer, you will not or you may not need Tradefair any longer.

So, what I have in mind is to or more like I am developing an monster of a coaching course, which is so detailed and in depth, once you receive it, you will literally be receiving 'The Keys To The Kingdom', as you will have every single one of my trading ideas and I will be on the phone to you, ensuring you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

On The Phone

Anyway, in my Tradefair account, so as to show you what could be done from the start, I added £500 into the account which has now grown to £900.72 (in 37 working days) which is a 80.144% increase since 05/05/2020.

As you may see from the Tradefair screenshot at the top of this post, I tend to sell into the market more often than I buy, as I find it easier to trade in one direction but you could choose to buy only or buy and sell, as it doesn't matter which way the market goes because you will receive or see buy and sell signals all day long.

And on the subject of all day long, this is not something you will have to do all day long, unless you wish to!

Day And Night

My goal is to start at 08:00 GMT and finish in minutes if I can but if I can't, it's still okay but on the whole, my trades takes no longer than 5 to 10Minutes to successful completion but I do let some linger on for longer,w hen otherwise occupied, which is not often.

So, the idea is to wait and once a trading opportunity is seen, pounce on it!

That's it!


So, in ending, I'm here to help you get what you want and if it's to be able to clearly see what's going on, on a chart, no matter what market it may be, well, I'm here to help.

And what qualifies me to help you?

Well, I have an eye for charts, graphs and anything that can be seen such as an image... I started drawing when I was two or three years old and started painting when I was five or six but found it's not really my gig, as I prefer to look at and read charts much more than draw pictures and the such.

So whether the market goes up or down, that easy to see but it's knowing when to get in that I can coach you on, which to me is no different than seeing someone walk up the stairs and back down again.

Upstairs - Downstairs

And it all depends on what's likely to stop that person from continuing to go lower, which is when they reach the bottom and conversely, when the reach the top of the stairs...

...but with the markets, there is no true bottom and there is no true top but what I have devised is to calculate a set number determining how high I wish to go and how low...

...or I simply grab onto it's coattails and enjoy the ride.

Grabbing Onto Coattail

Let's discuss this some more next time -- as I continue to pull together everything you need to know into one convenient and profitable place -- and space.

Chat Soon!

Wilson's Signature


P.S. If you have not already done so, please purchase the book Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager for excellent insights into the minds of the Super-Traders of the world.